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Erich, German ophthalmologist, 1882-1946. See: Seidel scotoma, Seidel sign.
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Wretchedness commutes between the Ukraine and Austria in Ulrich Seidl's miserable but masterful drama "Import Export." Helmer's trademark unrelenting gaze into despair features seamless performances by mostly nonpros, adding vividness to Seidl's dark vision--though the pic's unflinching and exploitative use of real-life geriatric patients borders on the cruel.
Lensed by Seidl's longstanding collaborator Wolfgang Thaler as well as Ed Lachman (who worked with Seidl on "Import/Export"), the pic interlaces exquisitely composed static shots--with the figures placed just so in the lower half of the frame, crowned by lots of space overhead--and sinuous Steadicam work.
A recent report issued by Cowen and Company analyst Jason Seidl made the case that industrial production appears to show the strongest positive correlation with freight sector equities.
When the final rule is published, it's expected to require truckload operators to be using ELDs within a two-year period, said Jason Seidl an analyst with Cowan and Company.
Although this technique has for the most part been confined to extremely high-volume arenas, Seidl suggests that central fill could be the next technological entry into some sectors of community pharmacy.
Saab, a Sweden-based automaker, has named Matthias Seidl as its Executive Director of Sales, effective January 1, 2011.
Seidl cited the three hallmarks of the salon industry--creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit--as diminishing with each industry merger.
Esses resultados confirmaram aqueles observados no estudo conduzido por Seidl et al.
Third, Seidl and Zahrnt (2015) are unconvinced that environmental tax reforms will be implemented on a broad scale.
Surface Transportation Board and Canadian regulators." Cowen and Company analyst Jason Seidl wrote in a research note that a CP/NS merger could be beneficial for both carriers in the long-term--despite the fact that a big rail transaction typically involves a tough integration phase.
In the round two Huber- Seidl defeated Austria's Bo Soderberg and Cole Durant (2-0) 21-17, 21-19.
Seidl connected a pass from the middle off on the left side, eventually feeding Aidan Day who scored for a 2-0 advantage in the 78th minute.