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Erich, German ophthalmologist, 1882-1946. See: Seidel scotoma, Seidel sign.
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Named one of the "New Faces" at the 2011 Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival, Seidell regularly performs standup throughout the country and is the co-host of Pranked on MTV along with CollegeHumor's Amir Blumenfeld.
Waist circumference predicts risk of metabolic complications associated with obesity (adapted from Seidell (13)) Increased Substantially risk increased risk Men [greater than or [greater than equal to] 94 cm or equal to] 102cm Women [greater than or [greater than equal to] 80cm or equal to] 88cm Table III.
The authors would like to thank Eric Hanson, MD; Reyna Colombo PT, MA; and Janet Wiechec Seidell PT, MPT, for logistics and program support and Michael Shoemaker PT, PhD, DPT, GCS, for critical review of this manuscript.
We did our work and got decent grades, but we never really stood out in either direction academically," says Streeter Seidell, Editor-in-Chief of CollegeHumor.
Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank Sherry Wiggins-Baker PT, Thomas Voytas PTA, for data collection and participating in the educational program, Judith Boura MS for data analysis and statistical support, Victoria Lucia, PhD for outcomes guidance, and Reyna Colombo PT, MA, Debra Guido-Allen, RN, MBA, BSN, Janet Wiechec Seidell PT, MPT and Michael Khoury, MD for program support and logistics.
Overweight and obesity are characterized as chronic physical illnesses with associated chronic health complications and psychosocial implications (Bosch, Stradmeijer & Seidell, 2004).
Harry Seidell, a former Justice of the Supreme Court (Suffolk), recognized as experts in the area of arbitration, will be sharing their knowledge and experiences about the arbitration process at a seminar series hosted by the Suffolk County Bar Association.
and thrilled that we're able to give our favorite articles a second life in print," says Streeter Seidell, Editor in Chief of CollegeHumor.
Seidell (former Justice of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County), Judge William C.
Visscher TL, Rissanen A, Seidell JC, Heliovaara M, Knekt P, Reunanen A, Aromaa A.
We noticed there are great sites for single-property videogame humor - a funny videogame webcomic, for example," said CollegeHumor's Executive Editor, Streeter Seidell, "But there wasn't a site that consolidated all types of funny videogame content in one place.