Albert, U.S. embryologist, 1850-1910. See: Seessel pocket, Seessel pouch.
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During his 22-year tenure as chief financial officer at Schnucks, Todd played a lead role in the company's acquisitions of National Supermarkets (1995), Logli (1998) and Seessel's (2002).
When Schnucks entered the Mid-South market in 2002, the company acquired 12 Seessel's stores and five convenience and fuels centers from Albertsons.
The 45 actual sponsors consisted of a broad range of national (e.g., Wendy's, Budweiser) and regional brands (e.g., Seessel's Grocery Store, Memphis Light Gas and Water) that varied substantially in terms of their ostensible connections to sports, baseball, and the local team.
(16.) See Ben Seessel, Comment, The Bermuda Reinsurance 'Loophole': A Case Study of Tax Shelters and Tax Havens in the Globalizing Economy, 32 U.
Albertson's ended the year with more than 2,400 stores in 33 states, operating under such banners as Albertson's, Albertson's-Osco, Abertson's-Sav-on, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Say-on Drugs, Osco Drug, Max Foods, Super Saver and Seessel's by Albertson's.
The study offers a wealth of information on Memphis business history through the stories of German and Eastern European Jews who created institutions such as Seessel's, a successful supermarket chain; Goldsmith's, Memphis' largest department store; Schwab's, a dry goods store that still prospers in its original Beale Street location; and Lansky's, a Beale Street clothing store that catered to Black and white clientele, including aspiring musicians Elvis Presley and B.B.
1,647 Smith & Nephew Richards 1,600 Seessel's 1,600 * Mid-year 1994.
"By conservative estimates, alcoholics are costing their employers a minimum of one-quarter of their annual salary each year," notes Seessel (1987).
For instance, the alcohol industry has been recently criticized for its promotion of alcoholic beverages to university students (cf., Lipman 1989; Seessel 1988).
Environmental Reporting: Adam Seessel, the Independent Weekly, Durham, North Carolina.
Schnucks entered the market in 2002 with the purchase of 12 former Seessel's grocery stores from Albertson's Inc.