Sedentary Death Syndrome

Death caused by extreme inactivity and poor nutrition
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The other is what you call Sedentary Death Syndrome. Can you explain this condition?
DS: Sedentary Death Syndrome, or SeDS, is the term developed by more than 200 leading physiologists to bring attention to the growing epidemic of physical inactivity and poor nutrition, and their relationship to chronic, preventable diseases.
Approximately 2.5 million Americans will die prematurely in the next ten years due to Sedentary Death Syndrome; that's greater than the number of deaths related to alcohol, guns, motor vehicles, illicit drug use, and sexual behavior combined.
As such, the Disuse Syndrome is similar to the previous formulation of Hypokinetic Disease (5) and sedentary death syndrome (6).
Booth, a professor at the University of Missouri, calls this condition SeDS, or Sedentary Death Syndrome. He found that a lack of physical exercise increases the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer.