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Abbreviation for sialic acids.
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Abbreviation for:
Safety Institute of Australia
sequence-independent amplification
sequential injection technique
serum inhibitory activity
sialic acid
slide immunoenzymatic assay
small intestine atresia
sperm-immobilising activity
Spinal Injuries Association
stress-induced analgesia
stretch-induced arrhythmia
Structured Intermittent Auscultation
subacute infectious arthritis
subintimal angioplasty
Survivors of Incest Anonymous
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Arguably, some of the transactions "blessed" in the Service's agreement with the Securities Industry Association (SIA) would be caught by the Tax Court's analysis in Compaq, but the IRS is not expected to abrogate that agreement.
The vast majority have already passed tests carried out by the Securities Industry Association earlier this year and only about 50 firms are expected to miss the August deadline.
Today, efforts include an alliance between ARMA International and the Securities Industry Association to effect proposed regulations.
The tests, sponsored by the Securities Industry Association (SIA), were designed to help brokers and other key players find out whether their systems are ready to handle trades that will settle on Jan 3, 2000, the first business day of the new century.
The Securities Industry Association reported a 20% increase in the number of Series 66 Registered Investment Advisers in 2004.
In 1972, IBAA merged with 'the Association of Stock Exchange Firms to form the Securities Industry Association. In 1976, the Public Securities Association incorporated as a separate body to more closely align itself with the interests of fixed-income securities dealers.
The SEC acted at the request of the American Council of Life Insurers, Washington; the Securities Industry Association, Washington; and the Financial Services Institute, Atlanta.
THE BOND MARKET ASSOCIATION (BMA), Washington, D.C., and the Securities Industry Association, Washington, D.C., have filed an amicus brief to support New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's motion for a preliminary injunction against the city's predatory lending ordinance.

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