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(sĕk′tor) [L., cutter]
1. The area of a circle included between two radii and an arc.
2. The physical location for a specific activity designated in the incident management system.

rehab sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident, fire, or hazardous materials incident where rescue personnel are sent to be medically monitored, rehydrated, cooled off, or warmed, as the situation warrants.

staging sector

A location within a minute or two’s response to the scene of a multiple-casualty incident, hazmat incident, or major fire where emergency vehicles and personnel are assigned to wait till they are needed at the location.

transport sector

At a multiple-casualty incident, the place where ambulances or helicopters, or both, are brought in to transport patients to hospitals. At the transport sector, decisions are made regarding where to send patients with specialized problems, and the status of triaged patients is discussed with receiving facilities.

treatment sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident where patients' needs are prioritized and their injuries or illnesses are initially managed before they are taken to a hospital.

triage sector

In a multiple-casualty incident, the place where patients are sorted and separated according to the acuity of their illnesses or injuries before they are transported to a treatment sector or hospital.
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It is important to note that sectoral reallocation is not new, nor in the long run is it a bad thing.
Under this assumption, aggregate convergence holds and sectoral structures play no role on aggregate convergence.
The findings suggest that the gold and exchange rate shocks spread to all the sectoral returns for the full sample.
The nominees of national and regional parties or organizations must be bona-fide members of such parties or organizations and (6) National, regional, and sectoral parties or organizations shall not be disqualified if some of their nominees are disqualified, provided that they have at least one nominee who remains qualified.
It is also planned to set up 6 sectoral ISIE authorities abroad at the headquarters of diplomatic and consular missions in Paris (France1), Marseille (France2), Rome, Berlin, Montreal and Abu Dhabi.
The Bohol TIP Work Plan 2017 to 2020 or the Asean Multi-Sectoral Work Plan serves as the guide to all nine sectoral bodies to implement anti-trafficking initiatives in the Asean region.
Also known as the ASEAN Multi-Sectoral Work Plan, the Bohol TIP Work Plan serves as a guide to all concerned sectoral bodies on how to implement anti-trafficking activities in the ASEAN region.
The report is a comprehensive baseline study survey to determine the extent and nature of sectoral lending in Saccos, and to explore the possibility of recommending a uniform sectoral financing reporting system.
Sectoral sanctions are a newer type of sanction designed to limit access to U.S.
(1) Conventional banks are on average better diversified in terms of sectoral diversification than Islamic banks.
Malnutrition is a multi-faceted issue, its solution lies in concerted efforts of diverse sectors which are engaged in multi-sectoral planning, sectoral implementation and multi-sectoral monitoring, accountability and learning.
One of the aspects which has received considerable amount of attention is the disaggregated effect of monetary policy on output at sectoral level.