Secondary Loss

The consequences of the loss of a loved one to death by any cause
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'Rehabilitation can prevent a lot that is associated with disease as secondary loss. It can improve outcome and increase patient and family satisfaction,' she said, underscoring the need for changing the current model of care and creating awareness of rehab that was considered as a financial liability.
Of course it is not guttae themselves but reduced endothelial cell density (ECD) and secondary loss of pump-function that is the primary cause for visual loss in FCED.
An increase of 5[degrees]malalignment or in particular depression of 2 mm compared with the first postoperative radiograph was defined as secondary loss of reduction.
However, in the case of secondary loss, the individual seeks compensation for the distress suffered even though the person may still be fit for employment.
Matt McConnell, president and CEO of Knowlagent points out that are actually two types of shrinkage--primary loss (activities outside of call center management's control like tardiness and absenteeism) and secondary loss (activities within call center managements control like training and social learning).
And secondary loss is attributed to activities that can be managed - i.e.
Additionally, military-connected children feel both the primary loss and also secondary loss, such as relocation, the loss of the familiar military community and culture, and changes to their support network and friends.
But in 1991, the Alliance for the Arts, a New York-based arts advocacy and research organization, established the Estate Project-not just for dancers and choreographers, but also for writers, actors, designers, musicians, filmmakers, and architects-to deal with the secondary loss from AIDS: the art itself.
"In addition, they may feel a secondary loss as their parents or carers cope with their own grief and are consequently `unavailable' to them.

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