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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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Unsurprisingly, the secondary author subscribes to the second view.
(34) And, in Qal'aji's introduction to yet another edition of Ibn Qayyim's treatise on Prophetic medicine, the secondary author recalls Sayyid Qutb's view, which rejects using scientific theories to prove the sacred text because the former are ever changing.
Despite the apparent will of the secondary author to find excuses for the shortcomings of the primary author, the former's dwelling on these shortcomings needs to be explained, especially since it jeopardizes the legitimacy of the primary text and the primary author as a source of traditions and possibly endangers the whole narrative.
secondary author has violated her right to prepare derivative works when
court said that even if a secondary author is seeking to gain a profit
of the secondary author. Although the commercial nature of the fan
all four fair use factors should lean in favor of the secondary author
From an artistic standpoint, the secondary author arguably possesses the
difference is the secondary author's manifestation of this
On the other hand, during the most recent 20 years the percentage of single-time publishers, who are secondary authors, increased substantially.
For example, if mentoring was the explanation, we should find that primary authors (whom we assume to be the mentors) received their Ph.D.s much earlier than the secondary authors (those whom we assume are being mentored).
Even though the trends suggest that women are doing better as single authors and as lead or secondary authors with male colleagues, the fact remains that even in 1994 women are not publishing much with each other.