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The second planet would be nearly as large as Jupiter and orbit Lalande 21185 every six years.
The team wanted to try finding a second planet in a system where it was already known that there was one planet.
Water has been discovered in the atmosphere of a second planet in a star system light years from Earth.
But one of the other two shows evidence of a second planet that could be driving up the eccentricity, and the third is on the border between a planet and a brown dwarf.
Announcing the discovery of the second planet, which is nearly as big as Jupiter, Geoffrey Marcy, of the University of California, said yesterday: "It's heartwarming to find a planetary system that finally reminds us of our own."
Today they announced the discovery of a second planet, almost as massive as Jupiter.
The team now finds that a second planet, at least half Jupiter's mass, lies nearer the star and orbits in just under half that time.