rate equation

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rate e·qua·tion

a mathematical expression for a chemical, radiochemical, or enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
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Where k 2 is the pseudo second order rate constant, A is pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation, E a is the activation energy of the reaction, R is gas constant (8.
From the slope of line, the value of second order rate constant k' was calculated to be 21.
k' = the second order rate constant, having the value 56810 [dm.
e] is equilibrium amount adsorbed (mg/g) and k is pseudo second order rate constant (g/mg x min).
The apparent activation energy of adsorption was calculated from the pseudo second order rate constant obtained at different temperatures using the following (6) Arrhenius equation [25]
The second order rate constant for the reaction of BzV+ with bCD was determined as 4.
From this pseudo-first order rate constant, second order rate constant k2 can be calculated by using this equation.
At 5oC, in solvent HMPA with GCE, the observed second order rate constant k2 for 1,2DNB (1.
10b) were obtained to calculate the second order rate constants K2 and qe summarised in (Table 4), which shows a good agreement of experimental data with pseudo-second order kinetic model with regression coefficients of 0.

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