Second Heart

An exercise program designed by Nathan Pritikin to improve cardiovascular function of the 1st heart by strengthening the legs (the '2nd heart') through walking, aerobic exercises, weight training, and yoga, after appropriate stretching
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An observational study published In European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, April 17, 2019, found that eating late at night (within two hours of bedtime) and skipping breakfast (not having anything other than coffee or water until lunchtime) increased risk of a second heart attack, angina, or death within 30 days of being released from the hospital among patients who had a first heart attack.
In the 30 days after their heart attack, 5.3 percent died, 17.7 percent had a second heart attack or chest pain and 23 percent had the composite endpoint of chest pain, heart attack and death.
For the study, researchers analysed 133 young patients and found that males (90.1 per cent) with an average age of 40.9 years, experienced a second heart attack compared to females (9.9 per cent) with an average age of 39.6 years.
He suffered his second heart attack while he was being transported to Rashid hospital from the airport.
Use of Triple Therapy to Prevent a Second Heart Attack.
The plaintiff returned to work six weeks later with a release from his doctor, but he experienced a second heart attack after three weeks on the job.
"As a precautionary measure, the scheduled second heart surgery for Jimmy Kimmel's son Billy had to be postponed this week due to the common cold," a show rep said Monday, according to ( The Hollywood Reporter.
Aleem died from heart failure, following a second heart attack on 18 May 1998.
Over two years, three transplant recipients experienced moderate to severe rejection at some point, with one requiring a second heart transplant.
The cardiologist claims the antioxidants in the drink have slashed the risk of a second heart attack in his patients by half and cut the risk of a stroke by 20%.
Thiruvananthapuram: Getting a heart transplant still makes news and bring accolades to the medical team that successfully performs the operation, but a techie in Kerala has made history by undergoing a second heart transplant in a Kochi hospital.
A HEALTHY diet significantly reduces the chances of a second heart attack or stroke in at-risk individuals, research has shown.