Second Chance

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A cloned male Brahman steer that had juvenile diabetes, anaemia, dermatitis, and multiple other defects
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Ah, Peter, we who have made the great mistake, how differently we should all act at the second chance. But Solomon was right; there is no second chance, not for most of us.
Solomon had several excellent mottoes for keeping them at their work, such as "Never put off laying to-day, because you can lay to-morrow," and "In this world there are no second chances," and yet here was Peter gaily putting off and none the worse for it.
The loss of their second chance of seizing the Diamond is mainly attributable, as I think, to the cunning and foresight of Mr.
"It is not customary for children five weeks old to have long hair." Another silence follows this, and you feel you are being given a second chance, which you avail yourself of by inquiring if it can walk yet, or what they feed it on.
Here he first observed her, and was so pleased with her beauty, that he prevailed with the young gentlemen to change their intended ride that evening, that he might pass by the habitation of Molly, and by that means might obtain a second chance of seeing her.
There was to be no second chance in the event of failure.
The second chance was to write to the elder Miss Vanstone, and to ask (with some alarming reason for putting the question) for information on the subject of her younger sister's whereabouts, and of any peculiarities in her personal appearance which might enable a stranger to identify her.
Then he stopped again, and said, 'Will you take a second chance, if I give it to you?
But you shall have no second chance to deal so again: nay, let us settle our dispute here with true judgement divided our inheritance, but you seized the greater share and carried it off, greatly swelling the glory of our bribe-swallowing lords who love to judge such a cause as this.
Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa, that the former mayor 'deserve(s) a second chance in life.'
For Robredo, Sanchez, who was convicted for the rape-slay of University of the Philippines Los Baaos student Mary Eileen Sarmenta and the killing of her boyfriend Allan Gomez in 1993, "is not eligible to be given second chance." "Talagang naniniwala ako na dapat binibigyan ng second chance iyong mga nagkasala.
Speaking at today's Second Chance Career Expos at Auckland Region Women's and Spring Hill corrections facilities, Kelvin Davis said the expos will help prisoners develop a career path and gain skills, qualifications and work experience to help secure a better future for themselves.