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Helmut P.G., German physician, *1900. See: Seckel dwarfism, Seckel syndrome.
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The unifying feature between all Seckel patients, irrespective of the molecular defect, is that their cells have an altered cell cycle progression that is particularly evident during high rate cell division, when there is hypersensitivity to replicative stress and centrosomal dysfunction.
A blushing yellow pear, the flesh is sweet and juicy, buttery and pale cream, sometimes compared to Comice or Seckel. Magness does well in the East and Midwest, with good fire blight resistance.
As in wives, so in party guests: Seckel's unique genius was his catholicity of taste.
Picasso himself will describe the process of producing the piece as ripping open the real meaning of artistic vocation for him: It is not a matter of winsome aesthetics, but of exorcism--a ceaseless self-negotiation with terror (Seckel 1994, 219-221; McEvilley 2003, 338, 346).
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other anomalies.12 The most common association is radial deficiency of varying degrees.35 Thumb agenesis accompanies Holt-Oram syndrome (OMIM-142900) VACTERL association (OMIM-192350) phocomelia Seckel syndrome (OMIM-210600) thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome(OMIM-274000) Fanconi anemia (OMIM-227650)and Duane-radial ray syndrome (OMIM-607323).
"We originally wanted to buy an old factory,'' said Olthof, 39, an architect with the firm Leijh, Kappelhoff, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen, in Hengelo, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands.
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Fast diagnosis and treatment is important for long term prognosis.4 In cases where the pathological findings of cerebral angiography are observed together with events such as meningitis, neurofibromatosis, neoplasms, Down's syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Seckel syndrome and polycystic kidney disease, the sickness is named Moyamoya syndrome.5