(sĕch′ə-nôf′, syĕ′chə-nəf), Ivan Mikhaylovich 1829-1905.
Russian psychologist. A teacher of Pavlov, he developed the theory that all conscious and unconscious acts are reflexes.
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Sechenov "of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the European Medical Center, FGBU" The Main Military Clinical Hospital named after Academician N.
Sechenov First MSMU, Moscow, Russian Federation (I.
2) Unlike Loeb and Ivan Sechenov, his predecessor in the study of the reflexes of the brain, Pavlov believed in the existence of a free will.
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (First MSMU), 8 Trubetskaya St.
Premierement: << Avec Ivan Sechenov, Claude Bernard, Charles Richet, et Ivan Pavlov, l'etude des reflexes psychiques conduit a la definition du concept de conditionnement comme mecanisme d'apprentissage adaptatif, par renforcement d'une association permanente entre un stimulus conditionne et une reponse physiologique, dont la fonction est l'anticipation.
5) Martsinovsky Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
Ivan Mikhaylovich Sechenov (1829-1905), the father of Russian physiology, explained how the alveolar p[O.
The scientific study of conditioning which is the basis of behavioral therapy, started with works of Sechenov, the Father of Russian physiology, in 1863.
Dr Ashok graduated from I M Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy in Moscow and did his postA[degrees]graduation from Rajah Muthiah Medical College & Hospital, Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu, India.
Adult crickets of the species Gryllus locorojo were kindly donated by the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the history and conditions of the year-round culture of these crickets are well described by Zhemchuzhnikov & Knyazev (2012)).
Sechenov Award of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (1993), and the Innovation Award (2003) from the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.