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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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According to Amit Yadav, marketing manager, 2XL: "Take a walk on the wild side by pairing Diamante with our stylish leopard print Alison single seaters. The champagne colour of Diamante is a neutral colour that allows room for imagination.
Financial Chronicle has reported citing a senior company official as saying, 'We'll launch the 15-18 seater small bus on the light commercial vehicle platform and 32-42 seater bus on the medium commercial vehicle platform in a few months.'
It's one of those rare family cars which make other four seaters look positively bland and uninspiring.
THE new Hiace Crew Cab and Hiace LWB 14/15 seater minibuses (above) join the full range of Toyota's light commercial vehicles on display at the 2001 LCV show this week at the NEC.
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is set to win approval from its parent company EADS for its new 250 seater A350 aircraft which will compete with rival Boeing's 7E7 aircraft.
You can turn the two-seater pick-up into a very sporty four- seater wagon at the push of a button.
Choose from the following supports at these exceptional prices: Pack of two armchair supports (50cm x 50cm) pounds 14.95; Two seater sofa support (100cm x 50cm) pounds 14.95; Three seater sofa support (150cm x 50cm) pounds 17.95; Two armchair supports and three seater support pounds 24.90.