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Molecular medicine A popular term for the configuration of FSH’s beta-subunit which wraps around and stabilises the beta-FSH dimer, critical for binding of FSH to its receptor. See FSH
Public health A nylon strap with a quick-release buckle—a waist belt, shoulder belt, or harness—in a motor vehicle, intended to minimise jostling in an MVA; nonuse of seat belts is a major factor in RTA/MVA-related morbidity and mortality
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Through their website, users can order for seatbelt repair and airbag module reset services by adding the respective item to their chart.
HUDDERSFIELD MP Barry Sheerman has called for tougher action against those not wearing seatbelts, saying more people are being killed in road accidents.
Officers found the driver of the Mondeo had inserted a piece of plastic into the seatbelt buckle to stop an alert from sounding while they were driving the car without wearing a seatbelt.
Passengers over 14 are responsible for wearing their own seatbelt and can therefore face prosecution.
In related news, Queen Elizabeth II was also spotted driving without a seatbelt just days after Prince Philip's accident.
The seatbelt safety campaign will run statewide on radio, billboards and social media until late December.
The law mandates the use of a seatbelt for anyone who drives or rides as a passenger in a motor vehicle on a public road.
The campaign aims at increasing awareness of drivers and passengers about the use of seatbelts and special car seats for children, in an effort to reduce the number of serious and fatal injuries sustained in car crashes.
We were all given a choice of either paying a [pounds sterling]100 fixed penalty notice or watching a short video about the importance of wearing a seatbelt correctly.
Should wearing of seatbelts be made compulsory in school buses?
Summary: The drivers were penalised for failing to buckle up, or not ensuring everyone in their car wore seatbelts.