Seat Belt

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Molecular medicine A popular term for the configuration of FSH’s beta-subunit which wraps around and stabilises the beta-FSH dimer, critical for binding of FSH to its receptor. See FSH
Public health A nylon strap with a quick-release buckle—a waist belt, shoulder belt, or harness—in a motor vehicle, intended to minimise jostling in an MVA; nonuse of seat belts is a major factor in RTA/MVA-related morbidity and mortality
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A requirement that drivers and all passengers use their seat belts is an important component of a comprehensive motor vehicle safety management program," the study stated.
That was on day one, but what we've noticed is that parents are aware we're on the lookout so now they're ensuring their kids are wearing seat belts.
The Americas: Automotive Airbag and Seat Belt Market Shows Healthy Growth Rate
Two years ago Waltham became the first city in the state to require seat belts and shoulder straps on school buses, while almost all other communities do not require them.
Although it stated that air bags would provide extra protection, they are a substitute for seat belts.
Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: "Thousands of lives have been saved and countless injuries prevented over the years because drivers and passengers were wearing seat belts.
Some parents indicated that they only used seat belts for themselves and their children because of the laws requiring them to do so.
If a seat belt system failure is suspected, the evidence that a seat belt failed because of design or manufacturing defects is often subtle and can be difficult to detect.
POLICE blasted irresponsible motorists on Teesside today after 70 were pulled up in just a week for not wearing seat belts.
After all the hoo-hah in September 2006 when the law on children and seat belts changed and most of us had to go out and buy new child seats depending on the height and weight of our children, facing a fine unless they were not only wearing a belt but also the absolutely correct seat as well, I had innocently assumed proper seat belts would be compulsory on school buses as well.
The percentage of people who wore seat belts in 2007 is how many percentage points higher than those who wore them in 1987?
The lap belt element of an adult seat belt needs to go as low as possible over the stomach.