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n a right given to the creditor over the property of the debtor for the security of the debt; invests the creditor with the power to have the property seized and sold in default of payment.
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The company today boasts a staff 152, including over 100 seasoned mortgage loan officers.
As seasoned mortgage bankers, we have spent the majority of our careers competing in predominantly purchase environments.
Harthausen, a seasoned mortgage executive with nearly 30 years in the business, has held senior management positions at mortgage lending organizations, as well as third-party service providers.
A seasoned mortgage industry executive, Merkle draws on 25 years of experience in mortgage banking, mortgage insurance, business development and operations.
The company today boasts a staff of 150, including over 90 seasoned mortgage loan officers.
The chapter on pipeline fallout is an excellent article and is geared toward the more seasoned mortgage banker who has not previously worked in a secondary marketing department.
Supported by program-dedicated, seasoned mortgage lending professionals and our highly scalable platform, banks have access to back-office fulfillment services and web-based, private-labeled origination capabilities.