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Carl E., U.S. psychologist, 1866-1949. See: Seashore test.
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The Government or the District Collector has not explained the legislative and administrative action taken for preventing illegal and indiscriminate mining of sand from seashores, and therefore the commission has sought clarifications on certain questions, and has asked them to submit it within four weeks.
Other climate change impacts outlined in the report include the loss of bridges and roads that provide access to the seashores, breakup of barrier islands into smaller segments, extensive beach erosion, and loss of wildlife.
National Seashore in Florida and Mississippi, and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan, where Kessler said that allowing the "highly polluting and noisy vehicles" was a clear violation of federal law.
The following chart details national recreation areas, seashores, and lakeshores and their stage in the PWC review process.
To be even more shamelessly anthropomorphic, my guess is that seashore conifers are waiting to reclaim part of that world.
The new feature provides weather conditions and forecasts for 59 national parks and seashores across the country, as well as recreational activities, park maps, and best times of the year to visit.
Expansive seashores provide bountiful beachcombing and tidepooling opportunities.
Islands are even more vulnerable to overuse than seashores, which are normally invaded by people from only one side and rarely at more than two or three access points.
The network will support 225,000 digital mobile customers and 165,000 analog mobile phone users in the expanding markets in Curitiba, including the greater Curitiba Area and the cities along Parana seashores.
Our national seashores should be places where the public can escape the crowding of large cities and enjoy a pristine beach setting.
Five of the nation's 10 national seashores are in the Southeast.
March 2000: The Park Service bans PWCs in 66 of the 87 parks but gives 21 seashores, lakeshores, and recreation areas two years to establish regulations for PWC use; any unit that wants to allow PWC use after the grace period must complete environmental assessments and make special rules.