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eLuminator creates a shell for these items, a sort of "pseudo-record" that is accessible to search engine spiders.
The SEO services are provided keeping in mind the factors that search engine spiders look for when they crawl a website.
SearchStream(TM) ensures that search engine spiders can index dealer website content, resulting in higher search placement and driving more customers to dealers using Cobalt Nitra website technology.
com's underlying code, architecture and visible content, ensuring that pages are readable to all major search engine spiders to deliver top rankings for search results.
With WebTrends software, Pier 1 can take advantage of hybrid data sources including WebTrends SmartSource(TM) page-tagging for the most complete visitor information possible, log files to analyze data on technical performance and visits from search engine spiders, and maintain ownership of this rich information for historical analysis and integration with data from other systems.
While there are myriad factors that may impact search engine visibility, many of these sites were using Flash introduction screens and Flash navigation menus, which search engine spiders can't follow.
or dynamic or database-driven content, can now easily admit search engine spiders and crawlers to access all publicly-available web content, no matter how deep.

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