sea sickness

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sea sick·ness

motion sickness occurring in boat travelers.
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A permutation of motion sickness, which occurs when a  susceptible individual is subjected to the pitching and rolling of a ship, especially at the extreme fore or aft of the vessel.
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sea sickness

Sickness caused by motion of a vessel while at sea.
See: motion sickness
See also: sickness
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sea sickness

One of the several forms of MOTION SICKNESS.
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The experiment took place not only on the ship, but also on the "Installation for tracking down and studying sea-sickness" simulator.
Questions like, Do you suffer from sea-sickness? Are you scared of heights?
This two-hour special is set in South Africa and the intrepid actors had to face killer bees, crippling sea-sickness, wild elephants and lions to film it.
The image of the storm harks back to Bianca's claim earlier in the scene that she was not `like those/ That take their soundest sleeps in greatest tempests' (II.ii.355-6), and, as the Revels editor notes, the metaphor of sea-sickness on a maiden voyage was used in a similar context in Middleton's Michaelmas Term: `Yet indeed 'tis the fashion of any courtesan to be seasick i'th' first voyage' (I.ii.9-10).(3) The simile of `wormwood water', on the other hand, follows from `so bitter' at the beginning of the speech, and is contrasted with `nectar' in the last line.
In fact, it was so choppy sailing back to Ardrossan that my tight-fisted dad spent the entire journey showing fellow passengers his foolproof method for avoiding sea-sickness.
By now it was the early hours of the morning and most people on board were either asleep or prostrated with sea-sickness.
While everyone else (apart from the permanent crew) was falling to pieces, crippled with sea-sickness, the old lady ploughed though the waves in her absolute element.
The yacht's crew were all suffering badly from sea-sickness and needed considerable help.
Despite recurring bouts of sea-sickness he worked with gusto as the boat's sail trimmer and earned the nickname of "Tommy Trimmer" during the long voyage.
Beneath the prow was a combination of sliding flats, endlessly shifting (perhaps to invoke a feeling of sea-sickness in the observer).
The stunning 24-year-old turned her back on a life on the ocean wave for a modelling career - because she suffered from sea-sickness.
Our first night ended with a spectacular firework display and tomorrow it's scrubbing decks, hoisting the sails and, most probably sea-sickness as we leave for Tyneside.