sea sickness

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sea sick·ness

motion sickness occurring in boat travelers.


A permutation of motion sickness, which occurs when a  susceptible individual is subjected to the pitching and rolling of a ship, especially at the extreme fore or aft of the vessel.

sea sickness

Sickness caused by motion of a vessel while at sea.
See: motion sickness
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sea sickness

One of the several forms of MOTION SICKNESS.
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I want to mention the fact that not only the students from the experimental group, but also the ones from the witness group accomplished at least one school-voyage on ships and they had severe manifestations of sea sickness.
Motion sickness or sea sickness is usually just a minor annoyance and does not signify any serious medical illness, but some travellers are incapacitated by it, and a few even suffer symptoms for a few days after the trip (the "mal d'embarquement" syndrome).
Damage had occurred to her semi-circular canals, resulting in her ataxia and nausea, which are like sea sickness. Her eyes exhibited a phenomena we call nystagmus.
Athletes do not have to suffer days and weeks of sea sickness on their way to the Games these days -- even if they should still keep an eye on their luggage -- but travelling across the globe remains expensive and not all of their relatives can afford to make the trip to see them compete.
The lifeboat crew found one person was hit by sea sickness and the yacht was towed to Carrick Marina.
With a 1.4 metre swell adding to Jack's sea sickness, skipper Steve Dalton sought calmer waters, so Jack's full attentions could be directed towards landing his first ever Thornback Ray.
Dorothy's father, who was known as Irwin, told her men endured a horrendous 24 hours of sea sickness.
He braved cold waters, jellyfish stings and even sea sickness to complete the estimated 900-mile route.
Forget sea sickness, indulging in this week's recipe is the catch of the day!
I suffer from sea sickness and my husband is reluctant to take me on one.
Another take on the Titanic is about as welcome as a bout of sea sickness.
Ward sister Herdip and Senior Research Nurse Elin encountered freak waves, severe sea sickness and shortages of all-important chocolate to raise vital funds for the hospital's research into metabolic conditions.