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Belding H., 20th-century U.S. nephrologist. See: Scribner shunt.
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Of the nine thousand switchboard patents, Scribner holds six hundred or more.
It may go far to explain the peculiar genius of Scribner to say that he was born in 1858, in the year of the laying of the Atlantic Cable; and that his mother was at the time profoundly interested in the work and anxious for its success.
Scribner into the telephone business, where he has been well-nigh indispensable.
In the Multiple board, as it grew up under the hands of Scribner, the outgoing wires are duplicated so as to be within reach of every operator.
OTC: SNSGF) is nearing the completion of its due diligence efforts in evaluating the acquisition of US-based industrial food and feed products company Scribner Natural Products, the company said.
Dan Patrick on Monday called for the resignation of Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner over new guidelines dealing with transgender students.
Notes: All questions related to this RFP shall be forwarded to Tricia Scribner, AOT Contracts Specialist, in writing to the address above, by e-mail at tricia.
Annie Bananie'' (Coppola) Scribner, 79, of Shrewsbury, died Tuesday, Aug.
Scribner, an imprint of the Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Division, has announced that it is to publish a new memoir by US comedian Steve Martin entitled Born Standing Up.
The Simon & Schuster Scribner imprint has again rejected an opportunity to repair the text of a classic Charles Scribner's Sons work.
In addition to paying off existing debt, the refinancing will provide one of the nation's largest farmer-owned co-ops with the capital it needs to focus on the future, Scribner said.