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Belding H., 20th-century U.S. nephrologist. See: Scribner shunt.
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Fac-simile copies of this piece had been in possession of the present editor some time previous to its publication in "Scribner's Magazine" for September, 1875; but as proofs of the authorship claimed for it were not forthcoming, he refrained from publishing it as requested.
Scribner. Of the nine thousand switchboard patents, Scribner holds six hundred or more.
It may go far to explain the peculiar genius of Scribner to say that he was born in 1858, in the year of the laying of the Atlantic Cable; and that his mother was at the time profoundly interested in the work and anxious for its success.
Scribner into the telephone business, where he has been well-nigh indispensable.
In the Multiple board, as it grew up under the hands of Scribner, the outgoing wires are duplicated so as to be within reach of every operator.
There has seemed to be no limit to the demands of the public or the fertility of Scribner's brain.
And it was one which in effect condemned nine-tenths of the human nature that has formed the material of the world's great poems." [Footnote: Perhaps the finest piece of rhapsodical appreciative criticism written in later years is the essay on Shelley (especially the last half) by Francis Thompson (Scribner).]
Jointly edited by Scribner and The Washington Post, it sold more than any nonfiction book on the BookScan list, which tracks direct store sales and reflects around 85 percent of the print market.
* Wells Fargo (Mary Lou Scribner, Jason McQueen, Joyce Thompson)
From the moment the 448-page document was released on the internet on Thursday, three book publishers - Scribner, Melville House and Skyhorse - have been racing to package it in dead-tree format.
Scribner's version, which also features analysis from The Washington Post, was Amazon's number 1 bestseller on Saturday, with Skyhorse's at number 2.
A co-passenger, Lynette Scribner, who was sitting in the same row the man, shared on Facebook pictures of the young woman helping a deaf and blind fellow passenger.