Cochliomyia hominivorax

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Co·chli·o·my·ia hom·i·ni'v·o·rax

the screw-worm fly, a species that is a serious pest of livestock from Mexico to Argentina and is the primary cause of myiasis in the western hemisphere; attracted by fresh blood, it deposits eggs on wounds, tick bites, or intact moist areas of the body, and the larvae invade living tissues, causing severe myiasis and often death; it is known to attack humans, especially in the nose, although wounds, eyes, and other body openings have also been attacked.
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"Timing of the screw worm elimination was perfect for Southern deer herds," Guyse explains.
The United States has used SIT to wipe out the cow-eating New World Screw Worm Fly across much of Central America.
Amidst the realities of life in the rural south--a life filled with screw worms, raw fertilizer, alcohol, and very palpable violence--the faded plantation culture for which John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, and Andrew Lytle each pined in his own tortured way becomes, for these working class writers, the kind of abstraction the Agrarians supposedly loa thed.
On his return he found large screw worms crawling out of his skin.
I found out later that flies lay eggs in wounds, and they hatch into screw worms.
A local ranger said I had screw worms and he sprayed insect repellent on them.
It has been successfully used worldwide for over 50 years for various agricultural insect pests, such as fruit flies, tsetse flies, screw worms and moths.