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Incorporating Screen Pop Premium (SPP) into the power users work flow will immediately enhance and improve their organization and better utilize their time, said Chris Herring, CEO of CI.
For legacy systems that continue to support business processes and are cost-effective to maintain, modernization may take the form of integration of ECM with the legacy system, or integration with the latest call center technologies, such as IVR and screen pops. Modernization may also take the form of enhancements to the current system that improve core business processes
Garretson says UpStart AOE not only provided CTI and screen pop, but also supported multimedia transactions--calls, emails, and Web chat.
In addition, Otay Water District integrated CIC with its billing system to deliver information to agents via screen pops simultaneous with incoming calls.
-- CTI Screen Pop -- Envox CTI screen pops shorten call length and personalize the agent-customer interaction by sending customer information to the agent desktop along with the call.
EIC is used for Web functionality, PBX, interactive voice response, automatic call distributor (skills-based routing), screen pop, conferencing, unified messaging, fax service and a workflow-management application.
Using this data, Genesys routes the call to the best available enterprise resource for the opportunity and also generates a screen pop on the agent's desktop displaying the caller's information to ensure a warm handoff.
The built-in screen pop feature automatically matches existing customer records to the caller ID for incoming calls, displays the customer details, and creates a new ticket within the Zendesk application.
Screen Pop Connect - Global Connect's Screen Pop Connect feature allows agents to receive a simultaneous screen pop containing information such as debtor name and account number as a call is transferred to their work station.
* Agent and Employee Productivity Solutions--Improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction with screen pop, universal desktop and agent wrap-up.
* Transfer customer data from their interactive voice response (IVR) system to an agent screen pop application;