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The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied

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Q. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. Family and friend assumes that he is bipolar, but as yet he is not been diagnosed. He has answered yes to all the questions in a questionnaire to indicate bipolar. Bipolar do commit murder often and would he have been manic when he did it?

A. It is not uncommon for someone suffering with bipolar to commit crimes, mostly this happens in a manic state. His family can talk to his lawyer about getting him a pychological evaluation, if he is dagnosed bipolar they can begin to treat him. He will still be responsible for his actions but they can work with him to make him better. Good luck

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Then on Monday 12 February, compere Andrew Bird returns to host another hilarious evening from Screaming Blue Murder, featuring performances from Dan Nightingale, Eleanor Tiernan and Otiz Cannelloni.
The party leader said rivals were "screaming blue murder" because they did not want to have an "honest conversation" about immigration.
"I put my arm up and I was screaming blue murder. I hung on to my bag and was determined he wouldn't get it.
One minute everyone on Teesside was screaming blue murder and demanding Gordon Strachan's head, the next everyone was happy and climbing back on board the promotion bandwagon.
"The main thing was that we were playing Wrexham so they had all the equipment otherwise he would have been screaming blue murder for half an hour or more."
Sam came screeching up to Lindsay, screaming blue murder and throwing punches.
REFEREE Mark Halsey was at the centre of another St Andrew's elbowing row after a late Jody Craddock equaliser left Steve Bruce screaming blue murder.
My-ever lasting image of wrestling would be some old dear getting up (never leaving her priceless cream bag behind), going to the edge of the canvas and screaming blue murder at the referee about some decision against her favourite bruiser.
"And if it did happen, you would have Help the Aged and all the poverty groups screaming blue murder."
He is light years away from the golf that Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh can produce and as there is nobody screaming blue murder about the unfairness of the rough or the width of the fairways, it should be safe to assume that, even with some monster par fours early on, a score of at least tenunder 270 is achieveable.
Thankfully, the Premiership have rules in place to prevent this because you could put your shirt on it that the likes of Wolves, Leicester, Portsmouth and the rest of the relegation-haunted teams would be screaming blue murder.
Someone later sold the photos to The News of the World for a rumoured pounds 22,000 leaving Jordan screaming blue murder! But what you didn't see in the papers, is that Jordan had been sitting next to ex-EastEnders star Michael Greco in the club.