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A regional term for crack cocaine
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The Newcastle Scrabble Club meets twice a week on a Tuesday evening and a Thursday lunchtime with a league running on Tuesday and a more relaxed atmosphere on a Thursday with weekly and monthly prizes.
For a country that does not have an official league of Scrabble players, this was an emphatic presence.
Bosses from Alpha Care Homes, which runs Willow Grange, spotted the boards made by a company called Team Scrabble at an exhibition.
Scrabble is based on language, which is naturally full of terms and concepts which people find offensive.
The Gulf tournament was a follow up event of the local scrabble tournament we hosted last year.
where Scrabble is popular not only as a board game but also as an electronic game on Facebook and mobile phones -- it's the ninth top-grossing app on the iPhone and fifth on the newly introduced iPad -- the articles were widely shared online and outrage spread.
EA said that the game is designed to be the secret training weapon for both accomplished and novice SCRABBLE players.
Scrabble has sold more than 150 million sets worldwide since it received its copyright in 1948.
He ranks 56th among 9,000 players across the country, according to the National Scrabble Association.
Kesner is working to form the Eugene Scrabble Society, a group she's hoping will include a couple dozen people who share her love of the classic crossword game.
So ended the eighth World Scrabble Championships in London in November.