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SCRA will be meeting with the USAMRMC during the upcoming symposium to discuss specific start-up activities for MTEC.
First, legal assistance attorneys should consider looking to state law, in addition to the SCRA (13), when facing issues related to an ETS, or to an involuntary separation.
This SCRA business sector provides support and mentoring through its flagship SC Launch program to early stage, start-up technology companies.
The SCRA is among the most active of homeowner groups and has long prided itself on its independence.
TacFab illustrates the capabilities of SCRA and our partners to deliver assured outcomes to the U.
Further, the SCRA enhances a servicemember's rights in relation to life insurance, credit card interest, public land, taxes, and certain business obligations.
SCRA Applied R&D will continue to operate the U.
Unlike the old law, the SCRA covers all active-duty servicemembers, including reservists and guardsmen serving for more than 30 consecutive days in times of national emergency under 32 U.
The SCRA removed two imams from their mosque positions.
Former Minister of Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault introduced the SCRA three years ago claiming it would clear up the backlog of land claims by making the process "faster, fairer, and more transparent.
Owners and managers need to be aware of the requirements of the SCRA, the recent amendments to it and the NAA Lease changes flowing from it.
Shortly afterwards, Bush signed the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004, which amended the SCRA by adding further rights.