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noun The 'short form' for any complex optical system–eg, endoscope, microscope verb To perform endoscopy

Patient discussion about scope

Q. I am scheduled for scope surgery for a torn meniscus on my knee and what is the duration for recovery? Has anyone had this surgery for a torn meniscus? How did you deal with this recovery?

A. The recovery process is individual, and you cannot predict it in advance. I know someone who has done it and was able to go back to exercising regularly after 2 months. I would think the recovery from the surgery itself is a matter of few weeks until you can walk properly, however you should still give your knee a break and rest for a while after.

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SCOPA is the unified voice of all disciplines responsible for the security of a state capital region.
Scopa rust yellow, just below basitibial plate blackish to a low extent.
O SCOPA, Nostalgicos de aristocracia (Taller de Mario Muchnik, Madrid, 2005).
The study by Scopa et al (14) approximated our study and that of Kotwall et al because it reviewed 201 consecutive lumpectomy specimens of which 131 (65.
the ventral scopa used as a pollen collecting structure, is a morphological trait that probably enables these bees to collect pollen from Ludwigia flowers very efficiently.
Therefore, we took samples primarily from the bee's scopa, but also touched the glycerin jelly once to other body surfaces: head and mouth areas, dorsal and ventral surfaces of the thorax and abdomen.
El nombre especifico, scoparius, deriva del latin scopa, que significa escoba, y hace referencia a la utilizacion de sus ramas como escobas.
SCOPA, they're looking at the auditor general's report and trying to take action on each one of her recommendations and the recommendation to develop a national strategy on mold has been omitted," said Wolski.
Los domingos, despues de cerrar el negocio, jugaba scopa con sus cunados Fuscaldo (llegaba a menudo al negocio Corrado Guidi), luego a almorzar en casa: mama cocinaba spaghetti con albondigas, braciole, scarola (esa la cocinaba papa), carnes marinadas .
DeLonghi has upgraded the feature package on its Scopa series.
The megachilid bees visiting Acacia (a) synchronize their arrival at an Acacia species closely with anther dehiscence, (b) collect pollen externally on a ventral scopa rather than in an internal stomach or crop, (c) collect quantities far in excess of the individual dietary requirements of a similarly sized insect, and (d) show higher rates of movement between trees than Diptera and Lepidoptera (Stone et al.