Scoop Stretcher

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A casualty removal device which can be disarticulated longitudinally, so the flat inner halves can be gently placed under the evacuee, then locked back together to remove the victim with minimal trauma to the spine
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A litter, equipped with wheels, used for transporting patients. Synonym: gurney

basket stretcher

A stretcher made of metal or strong synthetic material in which a patient is placed so he or she can be securely extracted by Emergency Medical Services from an accident or otherwise inaccessible site. The stretcher may also be lifted by ropes. Synonym: Stokes stretcher

orthopedic stretcher

A metal stretcher that is hinged along its long axis and designed to be split so that it can be placed on both sides of the patient and then reassembled to lift the patient. Synonym: scoop stretcher

pole stretcher

A type of stretcher, also known as the Army type, composed of folding cloth or canvas supported by poles.

scoop stretcher

Orthopedic stretcher.

spineboard stretcher

A type of stretcher made from a wooden board or strong synthetic material used to secure patients with spinal trauma to prevent movement and possible paralysis; also called a long backboard.

split-frame (scoop) stretcher

A metal stretcher that can be split down the middle, slid under a patient, and reconnected. This device is used for moving patients from narrow spaces but is not designed for spinal immobilization.

Stokes stretcher

Basket stretcher.
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"He was immobilised with the use of a scoop stretcher and neck collar before being taken to Russells Hall Hospital for further assessment and treatment.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "Crews used tourniquets and splints, administered pain relief and immobilised her on a scoop stretcher.
She was immobilised with the use of a neck collar and scoop stretcher.
"Saline and drugs were administered and she was immobilised with the use of a neck collar and a scoop stretcher before being taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital."
"The crews and medic administered pain relief to the man before giving him further treatment and immobilising him with a neck collar and scoop stretcher.