Scooby Snacks

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A regional term for MDMA, aka ecstasy, a psychoactive drug, which is named in reference to the cartoon Scooby-Doo
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The album featured three Top UK 30 hits: The Fun Lovin Criminal, King Of New York and Scooby Snacks, all became defining songs of their career and mainstays of their live set but it's a record where you remember each and every track within the first few notes.
Special mention must go to Danny Stokes as Shaggy - who has the best 'Shaggy' voice - as he and his hapless sidekick Scooby (Eddie Arnold) have plenty of cause to leap into each other's arms as the gang deal with mummies, baddies and a terrifying lack of pizza and Scooby snacks.
A Warner Bros spokesman confirmed they had -contacted Mr McNeill to protect their "valuable intellectual property rights" of Scooby Doo and Scooby Snacks. ( ANI )
Scooby and Shaggy are very greedy for hot dogs and Scooby snacks. They will risk anything for a small Scooby snack.
Drifting from their trademark hip-hop funk to rock to their own version of blues, even flirting with Latin style merengue, the crowd lap it up with noise levels lifting for famous chart hits such as Scooby Snacks and King of New York.
The alternative hip hop-rock, band, fronted by Huey Morgan, is probably best known for Scooby Snacks, which samples Quentin Tarantino films.
In fact, there are many similarities - collecting Scooby snacks is done in the same way as the Lego studs.
The band, famed for their single Scooby Snacks, will perform at The Picturedrome on July 21.
Pretty soon, we'll all be living off Scooby Snacks and clocking on for night shifts at the haunted mine.
Rather more likely to raise eyebrows is the fact there's no Scooby Snacks this time ('we tried to get them into a couple of scenes but it just felt forced,' says Gosnall) although having listened to the fans, there is a lot more of the Mystery Machine.
"t's great for fans who might have heard Scooby Snacks or bought Loco, but may not have got hold of the four previous albums.