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A person who is engaged in and has expert knowledge of a science, especially a biological or physical science.


Vox populi A person active in a field of science. See Cited scientist, Clinical lab scientist, Gentleman scientist, New scientist.

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Q. i have heard that number of scientists found out in one of there researches that breasts Cancer is capable to just disappear with out a treatment , have any one read this article/research ? or maybe just heard about it ? because it is interesting why and how this result happens ...

A. hi pinkofdestiny - try also these links, i know and read a lot about the books of Phillip Day and recommend them to everybody. cancer can be healed and there are also ways to make with success prevention:

before a woman should loose her breast, she should make a therapy with vitamine B17 - the vitamin which can eliminate cancer in any form, but you should not know about it! it is terrible, but it is the way how politicians and industry-trust treat us.

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The PCST evaluates the productive scientists on the basis of quality research, contribution including academicians, engineers and doctors of the country, particularly those involved in the production of the new knowledge, a statement Tuesday said.
Gravitational effects of the birth of the universe and other extreme events can send distortions in space-time rippling outward as what scientists call gravitational waves.
Currently, scientists are analyzing the DNA from different populations of flying foxes.
The discovery stunned not only the scientists, but everyone who learned about it.
Alas, in their haste to condemn public interest groups who wish the government would adhere to the letter and spirit of that law, Barrow and Conrad (2006) incorrectly characterized objections by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to two scientists nominated in December 2004 to sit on a U.
To slow down, trap, and cushion the dust, scientists filled the grids in the sample tray with a material known as aerogel, sometimes called "blue smoke.
Before the experience, participating scientists are required to log onto the security awareness Web site and take the requisite training.
Operated at sites around the country by nature centers, universities and educational organizations, BioBlitzes bring together scientists and citizens for 24 hours to search for as many different species as possible in a small area.
There are many more titles for special scientists that also end in the letters "ist.
Having personally benefited from direct experience in ecological science alongside practicing scientists, teachers are better situated to create authentic science experiences for their students.
No man is an island; what occurs between our politicians and our nations will also affect the discussions between our scientists and our scholars of religion.