scientific misconduct

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scientific misconduct,

n the fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism of research data, or other violations of ethical standards of the scientific community.
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But if scientific malpractice is as common as Fanelli's analysis suggests, and if the potential rewards of fakery are large enough to justify the relatively small risk of getting caught, stiffer penalties for deliberate falsification are called for, such as fines and exile from the research community.
Our final statement is that wrongly designed and implemented laws affecting scientific research somehow, may lead to scientific malpractice.
By and large, these measures are just technical solutions because they do not address the important suppressed reality that many doctors have been willingly colluding in commercially motivated scientific malpractice.
Even though pharmaceutical medicine today is more vigorously renouncing scientific malpractice than the medical community is generally aware of, the cases in medical journals indicate that the industry has been slow in adapting its attitudes and behaviors.
More bluntly, if we could agree upon standards of scientific inference, we could better identify our colleagues who are guilty of scientific malpractice - which, if regularly done, is a good operational indicator of a discipline.
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