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a procedure done in order to discover or demonstrate some fact or general truth. adj., adj experimen´�tal.
control experiment one made under standard conditions, to test the correctness of other observations.
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con·trol ex·per·i·ment

an experiment used to check another, to verify the result, or to demonstrate what would have occurred had the factor under study been omitted or held constant.
See also: control, control animal.
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con·trol ex·per·i·ment

(kŏn-trōl' eks-per'i-mĕnt)
An experiment used to check another, to verify the result, or to demonstrate what would have occurred had the factor under study been omitted.
See also: control
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A nature so forbidding would require feats of scientific control on a scale the world never before had seen.
First, we found these results in real on-farm conditions, not in a laboratory, but with the added benefit of strict scientific controls that are not normally present on farms.
The Food Safety Modernization Act, which passed in 2011, will require scientific controls of food and give the FDA power to address and prevent food hazards.
Whether or not most vets support this is beside the point - they have not conducted a study with scientific controls!
This is also true of experimental design: many of the earliest historical examples come nowhere close to the stringency of modern standards of scientific controls. Seeing where controls are lacking, why that weakens the report, and what controls might have been used aids students not only in reading scientific literature intelligently but in designing their own experiments.
It was run under very strict scientific controls - a lot of research that comes out in favour of alternative health is carried out on so few people in such sloppy conditions so it's worthless.
Department of Agriculture's proposed "mega rule" on food safety, which would require meat and poultry processors (but not retailers) to apply scientific controls to ensure the safety of their products, will survive the reform measures being pushed in Congress.
As a result of poor scientific controls, mixed results of the procedure's effectiveness began appearing in the medical journals."
The programme looks at the language and terminology of food evaluation, the scientific controls used in a sensory laboratory, screening of sensory panellists and their use of taste and flavour to evaluate samples.

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