Ernst, German dermatologist, 1850-1924. See: Schweninger-Buzzi anetoderma, Schweninger method.
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The average [delta][.sup.13][] values in P1 elements of Polygnathus parapetus of -25.2[per thousand] are close to those of recent zooplankton (Bohata & Koppelmann 2013), but far from the [delta][.sup.13][] values of collagen of bones of most marine vertebrates (from -14[per thousand] up to -10[per thousand]) (Schweninger & DeNiro 1984).
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(43.) John Hope Franklin & Loren Schweninger, Wither Thou Goest, in MAJOR PROBLEMS IN THE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SOUTH: THE OLD SOUTH 301, 319 (Sally G.
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Listing scholarly classics such as John Hope Franklin and Loren Schweninger's Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the Plantation (2000) and Walter Johnson's Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market (1999) alongside firsthand accounts by famed travel writer Harriet Martineau and Louisiana plantation owners, Martin makes clear that she has carefully studied the antebellum period.
Comecavam a ganhar importancia os estudos focados na familia negra, sob escravidao ou liberdade (Moynihan, Franklin Frazier, Genovese, Schweninger, Rawick e Gutman).
Agents: Elaine Schweninger, Town Real Estate; Frances Katzen (pictured) and Nicole Kriniek, Douglas Elliman.
Quatro anos antes de escrever sua primeira carta a Freud, Groddeck havia publicado o livro "NASAMECU", titulo formado a partir das silabas iniciais do ditado latino "Natura sanat medicus curat" ("A natureza cura, o medico trata"), adagio defendido como principio de pratica medica por seu mestre em medicina, Ernst Schweninger. Nesse livro, que e uma especie de tratado geral sobre medicina para uso leigo, Groddeck tece agudas criticas a psicanalise sem verdadeiramente, no entanto, ter lido os textos de Freud.
Schweninger, the one critic to attend to the plantain, points out that the word derives "from planta, perhaps meaning sole of the foot (and] ...
Other hires from Elliman include Adam Taylor, Kelly Robinson, Elaine Schweninger, Leah Ozeri-Elias and Terry Lautin.

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