Schwann cell unit

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Schwann cell u·nit

a single Schwann cell and those axons lying in troughs indenting its surface; this unit is regarded as an unmyelinated fiber in the peripheral nervous system.
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Theodor, German histologist and physiologist, 1810-1882.
Schwann cell unit - a single Schwann cell and all of the axons lying in troughs indenting its surface.
Schwann cells - cells of ectodermal (neural crest) origin that compose a continuous envelope around each nerve fiber of peripheral nerves. Synonym(s): neurilemma cells
Schwann tumor
Schwann white substance - the lipid material present in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers; the medulla of bones and other organs.
schwannoma - Synonym(s): neurilemoma; neuroschwannoma
sheath of Schwann - a cell that enfolds one or more axons of the peripheral nervous system. Synonym(s): neurilemma
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