Gustav A., German anatomist, 1844-1916. See: Schwalbe corpuscle, Schwalbe nucleus, Schwalbe ring, Schwalbe spaces.
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Kelly Schwalbe, Sage Professional Development Award in Public Relations
Dr Ed Schwalbe, Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at Northumbria University, the study's first author, said: "Excitingly, these new subtypes are characterised by better survival rates for some children but sadly also worse outcomes for some.
Airshot has already scored a partnership deal with Schwalbe - one of the biggest tyre companies in the world.
Will Schwalbe charmed many readers with The End of Your Life Book Club, a memoir of time spent reading with and to his mother in her final days.
Together, Skywire Cat M1 modems and Verizons LTE network simplify deployment of IoT applications on LTE and makes connectivity more affordable than other technologies, including legacy cellular options, said Scott Schwalbe, Founder and CEO of NimbeLink.
Without it, the full potential and benefits of IoT cannot be realized, said Scott Schwalbe, Founder and CEO of NimbeLink.
Schwalbe, the German-based European market leader for bicycle tires and inner tubes, will begin marketing the new tube in December.
Schwalbe, the market leader in Europe for bicycle tires and inner tubes, worked with BASF to develop a new thermoplastic material based on BASF's thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Elastollan[R].
Schrock and Schwalbe (2009) have forwarded the "manhood acts" perspective, which delineates common processes that males use to signify themselves as real men.