Schwachman syndrome

Schwach·man syndrome

(shwăch′mən, shwäch′-)
An inherited disorder characterized by sinusitis and bronchiectasis accompanied by pancreatic insufficiency and resulting in malnutrition; it is associated with neutropenia and a defect in neutrophile chemotaxis, short stature, and bone abnormalities.
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In addition to Down syndrome, these include such rare syndromes as adult Bloom syndrome, Schwachman syndrome, ataxia-lymphoma syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Fanconi's anemia and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.
The first cohort consisted of 59 Fanconi patients (30 males and 29 females; median age, 13 years; age range, 1-53 years) and 27 non-Fanconi patients (9 males and 18 females; median age, 26 years; age range, 5-56 years) with acquired aplastic anemia (n = 19), paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (n = 2), dyskeratosis congenita (n = 3), Diamond-Blackfan anemia (n = 1), Schwachman syndrome (n = 1), or Glanzmann disease (n = 1).