Wilhelm, German pathologist in Sumatra, 1867-1949. See: Schüffner granules, Schüffner dots.
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(16.) Schuffner A, Morshedi M, Vaamonde D, Duran EH and Oehninger S.
(F) Pale and larger than normal erythrocyte with parasitism, with amoeboid trophozoite and Schuffner's dot within with outline irregular.
Infected cells contained variable amounts of Schuffner's dots and a single parasite per cell, with trophozoites consisting of thick, coarse rings and single chromatin dots.
Eike Batista's group's remaining assets comprised iron mines in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais--and another 599 plots with research authorizations and mining concessions in addition to assets held in Chile (Durao, 2008; Jorge, 2008; Schuffner, 2008).