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Karl L.E., German gynecologist, 1838-1887. See: Schroeder operation.
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It was what they call a gast-rolle night at the Royal Grand Ducal Pumpernickelisch Hof--or Court theatre--and Madame Schroeder Devrient, then in the bloom of her beauty and genius, performed the part of the heroine in the wonderful opera of Fidelio.
Because of these weaknesses, Lowry's biography lacks an intellectual basis for considering it superior to either of Schroeder's books on her career in the House.
Aimee Schroeder's passion for helping people in this case victims of sex trafficking drives her work as a criminal intelligence analyst in the Washington County Attorney's Office."If you know someone is in danger, being kidnapped by a trafficker and being sold for sex, you feel for those people and just want to help them," Schroeder said.
Shannon Schroeder, 39, of Seattle, pleaded guilty in King County Superior Court to one count of filing a fraudulent insurance claim, a felony.
Upon closing of the Zavante Therapeutics acquisition, Ted Schroeder was appointed as CEO of Nabriva Therapeutics to succeed Colin Broom, and Schroeder's employment agreement with Nabriva Therapeutics provides that he will be appointed to Nabriva Therapeutics' board of directors effective immediately following Nabriva Therapeutics' 2018 annual meeting, scheduled to be held on August 1.
I enjoyed reading it and was reminded of Gerald Schroeder's book The Science of God (Free Press, 1997).
"Vanderpump Rules" star Stassi Schroeder has finally apologized to those who she might have offended following her comments on her podcast, "Straight Up Stassi" on Thursday.
-- Matt Schroeder has been promoted to senior vice president, chief accounting officer and treasurer at Rite Aid Corp.
ST PETERSBURG, Muharram 9, 1439, Sep 29, 2017, SPA -- Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder faced further criticism at home after he was elected as chairman of Russia's biggest oil producer Rosneft on Friday, according to Reuters.
German ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is in contention for a post on the board of directors of Russia's largest oil company, state-owned Rosneft, with the outcome expected Friday.