Christian H.T., German anatomist and chemist, 1768-1833. See: Schreger lines, Hunter-Schreger bands, Hunter-Schreger lines.
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Matteo Maggiori received the AQR Insight Award for his paper "International Currencies and Capital Allocation" with Brent Neiman and Jesse Schreger, and an Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
The study, by Matteo Maggiori, Brent Neiman, and Jesse Schreger, draws on Morningstar data on $27 trillion in holdings in mutual funds in 50 countries.
This is especially important for Proboscidea, whose microchannels form the so-called Schreger lines and angles, which allow some level of distinction between different species (Palombo and Villa, 2001: 567-659).
In a new University of Chicago Becker Friedman Institute working paper, Matteo Maggiori, Brent Neiman and Jesse Schreger examined $27 trillion of global portfolios and found investors overwhelmingly prefer bonds denominated either in their own currency, or dollars.
In the first, authors have investigated forecasting errors (eg, Strauch et al., 2004; Annett, 2006; Briick and Stephan, 2006; Pina and Venes, 2011), while in the second, they have been more concerned with implementation errors (eg, Moulin and Wierts, 2006; EC, 2007; Beetsma and Giuliodori, 2010; Beetsma et al, 2009; Pina, 2009; von Hagen, 2010; Frankel and Schreger, 2013).
The impact of poverty on completion of the early stages of the transplant process, specifically referral for transplantation and completion of the medical evaluation, was observed in four studies included in this review (Hall, Choi, Xu, O'Hare, & Chertow, 2011; Joshi et al., 2013; Patzer, Perryman, Schreger et al., 2012; Schold et al., 2011).
Charles Schreger, president of programming sales at HBO, said: "HBO series have enormous fan following in the MENA region and our long-standing partnership with OSN, for over a decade, has played a significant role in helping achieve this.
Charles Schreger, President -- Programming Sales at HBO, said: "The vision of OSN is perfectly aligned with HBO's strategic approach to meet and exceed viewer expectations.
Mammoth ivory differs in appearance from elephant ivory in that it is browner and the Schreger lines, or crosshatchings, are coarser, giving it a distinctive aged appearance.
(Frankel and Schreger, 2013, have recently discussed the problem of overoptimistic fiscal forecasts by governments.) This helps explain why the OBR's task was quite specific and limited to the production of fiscal forecasts.
Liza et al used the same software for automated biometric study of Hunter Schreger bands in enamel for personal identification.