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A person costumed, often as an oversized animal, who represents a particular sports team or club in promotional events and in other venues

Injuries Fractures, concussions, shoulder separation, contusions, heat-related injuries, chronic low back, knee and ankle pain, and assault by disgruntled and/or inebriated fans
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In this political climate, some states have enacted laws to ensure K12 school mascots are culturally sensitive.
James and Charlotte wrote to CLA President Mark Hudson, asking if they could bring the school mascot to the Game Fair for a photographic session.
As these panels are drying, a stencil of the school mascot is drawn and cut from oak tag paper.
Clifford the Gator has been the school mascot for Gifford Elementary for over 20 years, and Clifford has stood outside Gifford since 2002 when third-grade students worked with a local artist to design the statue.
The best explanation provided by Saint Louis is the school mascot is a "good-luck figure" adopted a century ago as a mascot for the university's athletic teams.
WISE WORK: Sculpture Tommy Craggs with Amber Hurley and Jake Armstrong and school mascot Ollie, left, Tommy works on the carving and Glebe pupils admire the end result, below left Pictures by IAN COOPER
TOP ROLES: Head girl Martha Sandford (left) and deputy head girl Charlotte Hughes with the school mascot
They are now working on costumes for their school mascot, Red Raider.
The Duke was complimentary about their work and the school mascot, which is a frog that wears glasses.
TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL'S state-of-the-art video production and broadcast program, named TigerVision in honor of the school mascot, has had tremendous growth since its inception in 1989, thanks to the school's regular technology upgrades.
The rabbit has even become an unofficial school mascot.

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