Per F., Norwegian physiologist, 1905-1980. See: Scholander apparatus, Roughton-Scholander apparatus, Roughton-Scholander syringe.
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Leaf water potential ([[PSI].sub.W]) was determined at the R7 stage, i.e., at 22 DAWDA, between 3 and 5 a.m., by means of a pressure chamber (Scholander bomb--Model 600 Spec), in fully expanded leaves, in five replicates of each treatment.
Leaf water potential ([[PSI].sub.W]), expressed in MPa, was obtained using the Scholander pressure chamber (Soil Moisture Equipment Corp USA), using the seventh fully expanded leaf from the apex to the base, collected at 04:00 am.
Third youngest leaf from top was excised to measure water potential (Psw) at 6: 30 am to 7: 30 am with the help of Scholander type pressure chamber (Arimad-2-Japan) by using the method of Scholander et al.
Scholander's measurements with the pressure chamber of the
Sensor min), incremento medies 2900 pendiente 1% c/ min 1,5 M Ventilation GTX (George y=100,162 + measurement 1996) 7,301 x Sexo- module (Alpha 0,164 xP (kg)- Technologies) 1,273 xt -0,156 x FC y=65,404 + 7,707 x Sexo (l=Masc, 0=fem)- -0,159 x P(kg)- -0,843 xt (min) QCST Scholander micro 73,55w.
Water potential.--On July 6, 2010 xylem water potential ([[psi].sub.x]) measurements were made at pre-dawn (5:00-6:00 am) and midday (12:00-1:00 pm) using a Scholander pressure bomb (model 1000 PMS[R]) (Scholander et al.
Leaf water potential ([psi]) was measured using a Scholander pressure chamber (VAN LEEUWEN et al., 2009), in July (3rd, 17th, and 26th) and August (2nd, 14th, 23rd, and 28th).