Schoenhofer, Savina O.

a nursing theorist who, with Anne Boykin, wrote Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice, which postulates that caring is the end, not the means, of nursing.
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Some predecessors to the study of human care in nursing include Jean Watson with the theory of human care (3) and Anne Boykin and Savina Schoenhofer with the theory of nursing con la Theory of Nursing as Caring in a kind, human and warm manner.
Boykin and Schoenhofer (2001) assume all nurses are caring.
Kongsuwan, Locsin, and Schoenhofer (2011) described intuitive knowing as an important element in nurses promoting a peaceful death for their terminally ill patients.
Boykin and Schoenhofer (1993), assert that nursing profession of caring as a concrete manifestation of service to humanity.
El modelo que orienta la guia empleada es el modelo conceptual de enfermeria como cuidado que plantean Anne Boykin y Sarvina Schoenhofer.
Boykin and Schoenhofer (2001) offer a useful framework to provide the contextual link between reality and caring.
The paper will draw a link between Rogerian Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB)(Rogers, 1970) and Nursing as Caring (NAC)(Boynkin & Schoenhofer, 2001) theories through the lens of compassion energy, a concept that may emerge during the nurses' presence with the patient.
Two official Guinness World Record adjudicators, Scott Christie and Pam Schoenhofer, were on hand to ensure any records broken stand as official.
About 85 percent of the spas sold in Europe are made by North American companies, says Christina Schoenhofer, the director of spas at Jacuzzi Brands Inc.
Recently, I began reading to my father, Charles Schoenhofer (wartime sergeant, Detached Enlisted Men's List).
There is much discussion in the nursing and education literature regarding the use of stories (Heinrich, 1992; Boykin & Schoenhofer, 1991; Van Manen, 1990; Benner, 1991; Connelly and Clandinin, 1990; Vezeau, 1992; and Witherell & Noddings, 1991).
L'empathie signifie reconnaitre comme complete et valide l'experience subjective du client autant que la sienne comme therapeute (Boyken et Schoenhofer 1993).