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district in Saxony, Germany.
Schneeberg disease - form of pulmonary cancer first discovered in miners who worked in the metal mines of Schneeberg.
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Around 2,000 people marched through the eastern German village of Schneeberg on Saturday following a demonstration by right-wing extremists who protested against a proposed reception centre for asylum-seekers in the village, which is located in the state of Saxony.
KILLJOYS is executive produced by Michelle Lovretta and Temple Street's David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg.
13, 2010; Zeenat Rahman, who is the Deputy Director of the Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Initiatives at USAID; and Eugene Schneeberg, Director of the Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships for the U.
Texas was assigned to Detachment J, 16th ASA Field Station, Schneeberg, Federal Republic of Germany.
About 12% of the homes around Schneeberg have more than 400 pCi/l of radon.
130) Mary Sue Schneeberg is an example of an artist who retained most of her artistic output, declining to display works publicly during her lifetime.
25) Joseph Koerner, The Reformation of the Image (Chicago, 2004); Bonnie Noble, "'A Work in Which the Angels are Wont to Rejoice': Lucas Cranach's Schneeberg Altarpiece," Sixteenth Century Journal 34 (2003): 1011-38; Werner Hoffmann, ed.
By contrast, in the Erzgebirgischen Kreiss (the "Ore Mountains" on the Bohemian border, including such towns as Chemnitz, Schneeberg, and Zwickau) prices depended on the kind of text being set.
17) The Gotha version formed the prototype for later paintings in Cranach's production, including panels in Weimar and Nuremberg; the outer panels of the Schneeberg Altarpiece, and the central panel of the Weimar Altarpiece.