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district in Saxony, Germany.
Schneeberg disease - form of pulmonary cancer first discovered in miners who worked in the metal mines of Schneeberg.
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Measuring network measurements: Rn-222 concentrations (bq / m 3 ) and external atmospheric conditions (t) measuring instrument: Solid core detectors (fksd) from altrac number of objects: 105 measuring interval: Monthly the measuring points are located in basements of 105 residential buildings in schneeberg, Which are representative of the city of schneeberg distributed.
We want to demonstrate that we have nothing in common with the NDP and that the residents of Schneeberg will not allow themselves to be instrumentalised.
27) Lorenz E: Radioactivity and lung cancer: a critical review of the lung cancer in the miners of Schneeberg and Joachimsthil.
En 1901 se realizaron las primeras mediciones instrumentales en las minas de Schneeberg, revelando altas concentraciones de gas radon.
By contrast, in the Erzgebirgischen Kreiss (the "Ore Mountains" on the Bohemian border, including such towns as Chemnitz, Schneeberg, and Zwickau) prices depended on the kind of text being set.
17) The Gotha version formed the prototype for later paintings in Cranach's production, including panels in Weimar and Nuremberg; the outer panels of the Schneeberg Altarpiece, and the central panel of the Weimar Altarpiece.
He is seen climbing into an oven in a cellar at barracks in Schneeberg, near Leipzig.
The report shows unquestionably that our government knew then of the health hazards of radiation; it knew of the lung cancer deaths in the European uranium mines at Schneeberg and Joachimstal; and it knew then how to implement far safer working conditions.
Now we're seeing competition among distributors for Canadian product," says Ivan Schneeberg, co-prexy with David Fortier of Temple Street Prods.
We're happy to be added to ThirstMonger's roster of premium, unique beverages and supplements,” stated Michaela Schneeberg, Media Relations for Stimulicious Brands and MINX.