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Hermann, Austrian physician, 1868-1934. See: Schlesinger sign, Pool-Schlesinger sign.
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Problematically, an undercurrent of unexplained animus toward Kennedy renders many of Aldous's judgments about the key period of Schlesinger's life unreliable.
"We're emotional animals, not just rational ones," Schlesinger says.
"At every turn, the city has lost, and they've refused to surrender," Schlesinger told LIBN.
Historian Richard Aldous does a surprisingly good job of making Schlesinger interesting, no small feat when writing a biographer's biography.
In pursuit of both goals, Schlesinger's short book offers overviews of theological history, U.S.
but through effort, perseverance, open-mindedness, positivity and dedication to the betterment of yourself and the world around you," Mor Schlesinger wrote.
There is no such requirement if a mortgage is paid up, so clients in flood zones may have let their insurance lapse, which was the case for some homeowners who suffered damage from superstorm Sandy, recalls Schlesinger. Her advice to them now: "Get it, it's very cheap."
"We are delighted to welcome Schlesinger Associates to the building," said Steven Durels, executive vice president, director of leasing and real property for SL Green who added that "the building is 95 percent leased."
Schlesinger said the acquisition supports its mission of delivering an expert, one-stop solution to the global research needs of clients.
Chagomoka T, Unger S, Drescher A, Glaser R, Marschner B and Schlesinger J.
Larry Schlesinger as the Institute's new president and CEO, the organisation said.