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Hermann, Austrian physician, 1868-1934. See: Schlesinger sign, Pool-Schlesinger sign.
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Consistent with her commitments to honesty and evenhandedness, Schlesinger criticizes the historical relationship of both pro-choice and anti-abortion politics to eugenics.
but through effort, perseverance, open-mindedness, positivity and dedication to the betterment of yourself and the world around you," Mor Schlesinger wrote.
Michael Liss of CBRE acted on behalf of Schlesinger Associates, while Howard Tenenbaum and Gary Rosen represented SL Green in-house.
Schlesinger has more than 30 years of experience in medicine and infectious disease research.
Buruma describes Schlesinger as a highly educated man who came from a well off, assimilated Jewish family, "well-read and cultivated in music and the arts" (xxiv).
which is also known as the Schlesinger equation [11].
Schlesinger was chairman of the MITRE Corporation, a member of the Defense Policy Board, a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and a trustee of the Henry Jackson Foundation.
Schlesinger died at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center of complications of pneumonia, said his daughter Ann Schlesinger.
As a correspondent, Schlesinger conveys vast learning and impeccable breeding.
Schlesinger has been named to its board of directors.
Kudos to Schlesinger for his refreshing and compelling approach to teaching the basics through narrative and for identifying a critical gap in an organization's approach to solving information security and data regulatory compliance problems.
In this work for entrepreneurs, managers, and recent graduates entering the world of business, Schlesinger (president, Babson College) presents a step-by-step method for thriving in uncertain business environments.