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A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body
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Schlepper apparently refers to a truth synonymous with fact, what
Unequal parts explorer, statistician, warehouse clerk, fashion maven, politician, schlepper, order taker, merchant and psychiatrist, the buyer's role has evolved into a complicated combination of characteristics for which there is little training, scant time to learn and few opportunities to advance.
Schlepper thereby overlooks much textual richness and complication when taking comfortably for granted two important considerations that are the source of much of the story's tension.
"We met 25 years ago-Andy was the SABAN cartoon schlepper, and I was the music schlepper," Saban explains.
His pugnacious attitude toward authority is fueled by the disapproval of prim Sybille (Eva Billisich), his supervisor at the electronics distribution company where he's chief "technician" (read: warehouse schlepper and hauler).
HOLLYWOOD Picture this: An Israeli-bred self-professed cartoon schlepper ends up with Germany's top media assets, turns the hodgepodge into a going concern again and offloads it, for a pretty pfennig, to a clutch of Euro broadcasters.
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