Schlemm's canal

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a relatively narrow tubular passage or channel.
adductor canal Hunter's canal.
Alcock's canal a tunnel formed by a splitting of the obturator fascia, which encloses the pudendal vessels and nerve.
alimentary canal see alimentary canal.
anal canal the terminal portion of the alimentary canal, from the rectum to the anus.
atrioventricular canal the common canal connecting the primordial atrium and ventricle; it sometimes persists as a congenital anomaly.
birth canal the canal through which the fetus passes in birth.
carotid canal one in the pars petrosa of the temporal bone, transmitting the internal carotid artery to the cranial cavity.
cervical canal the part of the uterine cavity lying within the cervix.
condylar canal an occasional opening in the condylar fossa for transmission of the transverse sinus; called also posterior condyloid foramen.
canal of Corti a space between the outer and inner rods of Corti.
femoral canal the cone-shaped medial part of the femoral sheath lateral to the base of Gimbernat's ligament.
haversian canal any of the anastomosing channels of the haversian system in compact bone, containing blood and lymph vessels, and nerves.
Hunter's canal a fascial tunnel in the middle third of the medial part of the thigh, containing the femoral vessels and saphenous nerve. Called also adductor canal.
hypoglossal canal an opening in the occipital bone, transmitting the hypoglossal nerve and a branch of the posterior meningeal artery; called also anterior condyloid foramen.
infraorbital canal a small canal running obliquely through the floor of the orbit, transmitting the infraorbital vessels and nerve.
inguinal canal the oblique passage in the lower anterior abdominal wall on either side, through which passes the round ligament of the uterus in the female, and the spermatic cord in the male.
medullary canal
optic canal a passage for the optic nerve and ophthalmic artery at the apex of the orbit; called also optic foramen.
pulp canal root canal.
root canal that part of the pulp cavity extending from the pulp chamber to the apical foramen. Called also pulp canal.
sacral canal the continuation of the spinal canal through the sacrum.
Schlemm's canal venous sinus of sclera.
semicircular c's see semicircular canals.
spinal canal (vertebral canal) the canal formed by the series of vertebral foramina together, enclosing the spinal cord and meninges.
Volkmann's c's canals communicating with the haversian canals, for passage of blood vessels through bone.
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A theoretical problem with bypass of the meshwork is blood reflux from Schlemm's canal into the anterior chamber via the tube, creating a microhyphema.
Canaloplasty can also be successfully performed in patients with failed trabeculectomy in which Schlemm's canal has been left undamaged from previous filtrating surgeries [16].
This may be explained by prevention of postoperative hemorrhage or fibroblastic proliferation, non-traumatic cannulation of the Schlemm's canal after viscodilation and viscodissection with viscoelastic material, keeping away the lips of the trabeculotomy incision, and prevention of anterior chamber shallowing, which play important roles in decreasing the anterior chamber inflammation and retarding the woundhealing process.
Abbreviations SIG: Steroid-induced glaucoma IOP: Intraocular pressure TM: Trabecular meshwork NPDS: Nonpenetrating deep sclerectomy SC: Schlemm's canal YAG: Yttrium aluminum garnet CDVA: Corrected distance visual acuity dB: Decibel AGV: Ahmed glaucoma valve.
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Based on these molecular findings, the team are now working to develop eye drops which would activate the regrowth of the clogged Schlemm's canal in models of the condition, in order to lower IOP.
The protocol allowed for previous surgeries that would not interfere with complete circumferential catheterization of Schlemm's canal.
They also have a direct action by binding to receptors present on endothelial cells in Schlemm's canal, causing relaxation of intracellular tight junctions that eases the resistance to outflow.
Results were classified according to the types of device (Schlemm's canal, suprachoroidal, and subconjunctival devices).