Otto W.A., German ophthalmologist, 1864-1917. See: Schirmer test.
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Mellor's interest and that of Schirmer's family has led to the publication of a book of those photographs,due to be published later this year.
Interestingly, I compared the Schirmer to the Barenreiter: of the 24 pieces in the Barenreiter, only 12 can be found in the Schirmer editions, thus under-scoring the importance of new research, discovery and substantiation that Bach wrote these works.
John Robert Schirmer, editor of the once-upstart Nashville Leader, has fired the last shot.
John Schmidt, a licensed landscape architect, has been hired as a project manager at Schirmer Satre Group, a Eugene consulting firm specializing in land use planning, landscape architecture and environmental resources.
Schirmer testi icin standart Schirmer test kagidi (Tear Flo Sterile Strips, Rose Stone Enterprises, CA, USA) topikal anestetik damlatildiktan sonra alt goz kapaginin 1/3 dis kismina gelecek sekilde alt fornikse yerlestirildi.
The author, Annett Schirmer, creates a balance between covering the foundational historic theories of emotions and delving into the most cutting edge research.
[3-6] Studies which also involve tests of tear function including Schirmer's test, tear break up time, fluorescein staining, or rose bengal staining for determination of dry eye have found generally lower prevalence rates.
The nostalgic simple yellow covers of Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics represent some of the earliest mass-produced classical piano music available in the United States.
The evening will include the presentation of awards by Gary Schirmer, the judge for this show.
Accra, Ghana, July 09, 2019 --( Who is Rudolf Schirmer, and what caused the establishment of Augson Global and its AuSIP as an investor?
According to Schirmer test values, the patients were divided into 3
The publisher will be Nashville News-Leader Publisher John Robert Schirmer, a longtime high school teacher and newsman in Nashville, the Howard County seat 55 miles southwest of Arkadelphia.