Hjalmar, Norwegian physician, 1850-1927. See: Schiötz tonometer.
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Pianist to a Who's Who list, including Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Hans Hotter, Hermann Prey, Aksel Schiotz, Irmgard Seefried, and Jennie Tourel, Ulanowsky was also Lotte Lehmann's only pianist for the last fourteen years of her career.
IOP was recorded using a Schiotz indentation tonometer.
We found that married veterans were more likely to be guideline compliant than single ones, which is consistent with prior research underscoring the importance of social support to diabetes management (Schiotz et al.
Schiotz, "The establishment of a combined serum-free and serum-supplemented culture method of obtaining functional cord blood-derived human mast cells," Journal of Immunological Methods, vol.
Some well-known methods use the Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) [1] or Goldmann [2], Schiotz [3], or Corvis tonometers [4-9].
A total of 42 original empirical papers were selected: 24 randomized trials (RTs)(Bartolomei et al., 2014; 2015; Buford et al., 2007; Foschini et al., 2010; Franchini et al., 2015; Gonzalez-Rave et al., 2007; Herrick and Stone, 1996; Kok et al., 2009; McNamara and Stearne, 2010; Miranda et al., 2011; Monteiro et al., 2009; Pacobahyba et al., 2012; Painter et al., 2012; Prestes et al., 2009a; 2009b; Ramalingam and Yee, 2013; Rhea et al., 2002; 2003; R0nnestad et al., 2014a; 2014b; 2016; Sauer et al., 2014; Schiotz et al., 1998; Zourdos et al., 2016) and 18 randomized controlled trials (RCTs)(Abt et al., 2016; Ahmadizad et al., 2014; Apel et al., 2011; Baker et al., 1994; DeBeliso et al., 2005; Esteve-Lanao et al., 2008; Kell, 2011; Kraemer et al.
Previous studies have demonstrated that measurements made using Schiotz tonometry may lead to inaccurate results due to factors such as corneal curvature incompatibility and corneal diameter.
Before induction of acute glaucoma, the basal IOP was measured by Schiotz Indentation tonometer in all animals after instillation of the local anesthetic Xylocaine 2% eye drops.
Consequently, the tungsten softening observed in our study should be essentially accounted for by the high fraction of grain boundary regions and their particular deformation behaviour, as also suggested by Latapie and Farkas [14] for nc iron and Schiotz et al.
The reason for this reduction in IOP was due to a reduction in the rate of aqueous flow or possibly by 'bulk drainage via the posterior uveoscleral pathway.' (24) However, the design of the study had a number of limitations including the lack of specifying whether the patient's IOP were all measured at the same time of the day, a small sample size and measurement error associated with use of Schiotz tonometry.
IOP was measured with Schiotz tonometer (Suzhou Medical Instruments, Suzhou, China) by experienced technicians.
Examination of the eye was done to measure their visual acuity using a Snellen's chart and intraocular pressure was measured using Schiotz tonometer.